5 Ways to Protect Your Energy.

Oxford Languages defines the word “protect” as to “keep safe from harm or injury”. So when it comes to protecting something, it requires a certain level of awareness and attention.  The word “protect” also signals a sense of importance to whatever needs protecting; if something needs protecting, it means that something is valuable.  With this… Continue reading 5 Ways to Protect Your Energy.

Monthly Obsessions: February.

This month was very transformational for me. Although February is shorter than the average month, it was jammed packed with new experiences, self-realizations and, of course, new obsessions.   As always, I have my top five obsessions for the month of February I would like to share:  Surfing  This semester for college, I decided to enroll… Continue reading Monthly Obsessions: February.

The Power of Meditation: a personal reflection.

I’ve always heard “the greats” preach about the benefits of meditation. If you look at legends such as Kobe Bryant, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith (just to name a few off the top of my head), then you will notice something that separates them from the average person —  they all incorporate stillness into their daily… Continue reading The Power of Meditation: a personal reflection.

Why I Decided to Become a Minimalist.

follow me on instagram for more @aaliyahinspired. My journey with minimalism started two years ago when I started listening to The Minimalists podcast.  Before diving into the world of Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburns through their podcast, I got mixed messages on what minimalism was. All I could picture was an all black and… Continue reading Why I Decided to Become a Minimalist.

How I Overcame my Fear of Failure.

As long as I can remember, whenever someone asked me what my biggest fear was in life, I would say “fear of failure”.  I was a 13-year-old saying she was afraid of failure and for years, I stuck to that answer not knowing there were some deep rooted issues hidden behind that response.  It wasn’t… Continue reading How I Overcame my Fear of Failure.

Monthly Obsessions: January.

follow me on instagram to connect: @aaliyahinspired January — the month that holds the magic for new beginnings. I honestly feel like January just started yesterday, but here we are at the end.   There are so many things that I became obsessed with this month, but here are five notable favorites I would like… Continue reading Monthly Obsessions: January.

Incorporating the 5 Love Languages into my Self-Care Routine.

Whenever I hear people have conversations about love languages, it’s usually in a romantic context, but I think that introducing love languages into a self-love context can be beneficial.  If you type in your google search “love languages”, the 5 love languages popularized by marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman in his book, The 5 Love… Continue reading Incorporating the 5 Love Languages into my Self-Care Routine.

How to go Vegan and Stick to it.

Throughout my years of being vegan, I always get the question of how I did it. How did I, a girl who lives in the south in the middle of nowhere, go vegan?  My process was pretty simple: I went vegetarian immediately after watching “The Best Speech Ever” by Gary Yourosky and gradually cut things… Continue reading How to go Vegan and Stick to it.

Vegan SkinCare Must-Haves.

I take pride in my skincare routine; not only is it simple but it’s also is cruelty-free!  Although I experiment from time to time with different moisturizers, face masks and serums, my basics generally stay the same and that is what I want to share with you all in this post.  The Products Face wash:… Continue reading Vegan SkinCare Must-Haves.

Monthly Obsessions: December

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I need an extension for the month of December because this month went by a little too fast.  With the end of every month comes a list of new monthly obsessions I have to share, and even though the extension may not be possible, we can definitely… Continue reading Monthly Obsessions: December