Youtube Channels That Promote Intentional Living.

Being intentional is one of the most important things when it comes to living a simple and minimal lifestyle. Living intentionally in all areas of your life serves your well-being in ways that are hard to come by.  Some of my favorite youtubers promote intentional living and I want to share those channels with you!… Continue reading Youtube Channels That Promote Intentional Living.

5 Powerful Habits to Maintain a Minimalist Space.

After watching and researching minimalism content, people often feel this surge of motivation to begin their decluttering journey — I was definitely one of these people. They spend weeks decluttering their homes and spaces and feel like they can take on the world. But after all this hard work, it’s easy for a new simplified… Continue reading 5 Powerful Habits to Maintain a Minimalist Space.

How Veganism, Minimalism & Zero Waste Made Me a Better Person.

Picture shot at Trilogy Sanctuary located in La Jolla, CA moments before Ariel yoga class. My six year anniversary of being vegan is approaching and I’ve noticed how much my lifestyle and values have evolved since making this change at 14 years old.  I initially went vegan for animal rights, but six years later my… Continue reading How Veganism, Minimalism & Zero Waste Made Me a Better Person.

30 Day Minimalism Challenge.

Minimal wardrobes, homes and work spaces are taking over pinterest and instagram feeds. Many people admire the minimalist lifestyle, but feel that they can’t achieve it because they have “too much stuff”, they don’t have the time to declutter, or they can’t kick their shopping addiction.  But minimalism doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t look… Continue reading 30 Day Minimalism Challenge.

15 Journal Prompts for Reflection and Goal Setting.

Sometimes it’s hard to open up your journal and begin reflecting. When I first began journaling as a daily practice, it was torture. I didn’t know where to start! Later, I began searching for journal prompts to help me get my thoughts turning and found that it was easier to write with prompts rather than… Continue reading 15 Journal Prompts for Reflection and Goal Setting.

What No One Told Me About Veganism.

2014 is where it all started. I was in my bedroom scrolling through youtube’s recommended videos at midnight and a video titled, “The Best Speech Ever” by Gary Yourosky caught my attention.  The morning after watching the best speech ever I eliminated meat from my diet.   Five years later I am still a vegan and… Continue reading What No One Told Me About Veganism.

Take Back Your Time in 2020 with Digital Minimalism.

Technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives, but it seems that this phenomenon is controlling our lives more than it is enhancing them. People spend precious hours in front of a television or scrolling through highlight reels on social sites. So... how can we give less of our attention to our devices… Continue reading Take Back Your Time in 2020 with Digital Minimalism.