Monthly Obsessions: September.

I never thought I’d make it to the end of September, but here we are… we did it!  I was extremely excited to enter into this month because it brings me closer to my favorite season — Fall. Although I don’t feel it in the air quite yet, I know autumn is about to make… Continue reading Monthly Obsessions: September.

Common Mistakes When Going Vegan.

Throughout my years of being vegan, I seem to unfailingly run into someone who is fascinated by my commitment to the lifestyle. After many curious questions, they always follow up with, “I tried going vegan, but it only lasted for 2 weeks.” After having multiple instances like this, I began to think about how this… Continue reading Common Mistakes When Going Vegan.

My Favorite Vegan Influencers You Need to Follow.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting inspiration from instagram. My favorite accounts to follow are often those of vegan influencers. I often look to my favorite vegan personalities for new recipes, restaurant suggestions, fitness tips, products to try out and more.   Since they bring so much value to my life, I wanted… Continue reading My Favorite Vegan Influencers You Need to Follow.

Questions to Ask Before Going Vegan.

Making any lifestyle change is difficult at first, especially one that you grew up with. Going vegan is one of those lifestyle changes that is hard to make because a lot of us were taught that a balanced diet had to include animal products for it to be effective and changing something that is ingrained… Continue reading Questions to Ask Before Going Vegan.

I Tried Ben & Jerry’s New Vegan Ice-cream So You Don’t Have To.

Ben & Jerry's New '"Milk' & Cookies" ice-cream. Ben & Jerry’s have a long history of serving unforgettable ice-cream since 1978. What started out as a small business in Burlington, Vermont became one of America’s most beloved ice-cream brands.   Not only do Ben & Jerry’s serve the traditionally made ice-cream known to many, they also… Continue reading I Tried Ben & Jerry’s New Vegan Ice-cream So You Don’t Have To.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Vegan.

Going vegan is a daunting lifestyle change for anyone. There are so many avenues when it comes to veganism and it’s almost expected to make mistakes along the way.  After six years of being vegan, I’ve been through the ups and downs with living this lifestyle and I’ve made a list of five things to… Continue reading 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Vegan.

How Veganism, Minimalism & Zero Waste Made Me a Better Person.

Picture shot at Trilogy Sanctuary located in La Jolla, CA moments before Ariel yoga class. My six year anniversary of being vegan is approaching and I’ve noticed how much my lifestyle and values have evolved since making this change at 14 years old.  I initially went vegan for animal rights, but six years later my… Continue reading How Veganism, Minimalism & Zero Waste Made Me a Better Person.

What No One Told Me About Veganism.

2014 is where it all started. I was in my bedroom scrolling through youtube’s recommended videos at midnight and a video titled, “The Best Speech Ever” by Gary Yourosky caught my attention.  The morning after watching the best speech ever I eliminated meat from my diet.   Five years later I am still a vegan and… Continue reading What No One Told Me About Veganism.