The Power of Meditation: a personal reflection.

I’ve always heard “the greats” preach about the benefits of meditation. If you look at legends such as Kobe Bryant, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith (just to name a few off the top of my head), then you will notice something that separates them from the average person —  they all incorporate stillness into their daily routines. 

Over the years, I’ve had many failed attempts at making meditation a habit. It wasn’t until I started growing on my spiritual journey that I took another look at the necessity of daily meditation.

I believe in the factual evidence that backs up the reasons why meditation is beneficial to our wellbeing… I just never had the blissful experience everyone claims to have with this practice until I actually meditated consistently for two months every morning. 

I won’t go into the mechanics and science of meditation in this post (I will link amazing interviews, books, and articles at the end though) because I just want to share my personal experience and results with this phenomenon. 

The first three weeks:

The first 21 days were meh.

I didn’t note any significant changes other than the habit I was creating. It’s usually around this time I would throw in the towel and say, “nothing’s happened, so it must not work like they say it does”, but I kept at it this time because something inside of me just had to know what “the greats” experienced. 

Somewhere around week 5 and 6: 

Something shifted.

One morning when I sat on the ground to do my daily meditation, I felt a connection — a connection with myself and the space around me. I felt clear, calm and peaceful. 

At first I thought it was random, but the following days were almost identical.  

Days afterward:

I’m not going to lie. Everyday isn’t easy-going with sitting down to meditate — I get distracted more than usual some days or sometimes I only have 10 minutes to meditate… but, I still show up because I love that feeling I experience when I can get still

Closing thoughts: 

I can safely say meditation improved my life. 

My days are becoming less stressful and hectic, I feel grounded, I feel clear, I feel in control of myself and reactions, I feel more confident in myself, and I feel more conscious and aware now more than ever. 

Meditation is something I recommend everyone give a fair shot! Set a goal for 60 days to meditate for 10 to 30 minutes a day and see how you feel. I promise you won’t regret it… and what do you have to lose? 

The Power of Meditation

Kobe Bryant:

Check out The Mind, Explained on Netflix (specifically episode on mindfulness):

Think like a Monk by Jay Shetty:

Sadhguru on the purpose of meditation:

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