Vegan SkinCare Must-Haves.

I take pride in my skincare routine; not only is it simple but it’s also is cruelty-free! 

Although I experiment from time to time with different moisturizers, face masks and serums, my basics generally stay the same and that is what I want to share with you all in this post. 

The Products

Face wash: Tea tree oil facial wash 

Moisturizer: aloe vera based moisturizer 

Face mask: turmeric face mask 


The first thing I use is a face wash. My go-to is the tea tree oil facial wash made by body shop which I typically purchase through my local Ulta. 

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

This facewash leaves me feeling refreshed and cleansed (as a face wash is supposed to) and works well with my skin. 

Next, I use a turmeric face mask I purchase from Hippy Heart Naturals on etsy. This mask leaves my face GLOWING (literally) and helps reduce my acne and dark marks. 

Turmeric Mask

Lasty, I use a small amount of aloe vera based moisturizer I purchase from EarthBound Creations on etsy. This moisturizer smells amazing and does a great job at completing my skincare routine. 

Aloe Vera moisturizer

If you would like to see this routine in action, check out my skincare routine video linked below: 

For more on veganism, visit my veganism page and follow me on instagram.

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