20 Things to Declutter Before the New Year.

A new year is approaching which means that the urge to start decluttering is high. It can sometimes be hard to decide what to get rid of and what to keep so I decided to help by creating a list of 20 things that can exit your life for good before the new year. 

ONE: clothes with tags still on them. 

TWO: unnecessary duplicate items.

THREE: clothes that don’t fit. 

FOUR: bathroom products you haven’t used in the last 90 days (i.e. perfumes, makeup, etc). 

FIVE: worn out shoes. 

SIX: single socks without a pair (note: you can also repurpose single socks for cleaning!). 

SEVEN: worn out undergarments. 

EIGHT: jewelry/accessories you no longer like or wear. 

NINE: old electronics.

TEN: extra coffee mugs that never see the light of day. 

ELEVEN: clothes that you haven’t worn in the last 90 days and won’t wear in the next 90 days. 

TWELVE: old birthday, christmas, special occasion cards that hold no value. 

THIRTEEN: books that you will not pick back up in your lifetime. 

FOURTEEN: gifts that you never use or never will use (note: you can re-gift these items, donate them or sell them). 

FIFTEEN: home decor items that have been in storage for years. 

SIXTEEN: digital photos (or physical) that are duplicates or no longer serve a purpose. 

SEVENTEEN: contacts (phone numbers, emails etc.)  you will never use again. 

EIGHTEEN: stationary that is broken or isn’t used anymore (i.e. old pens, planners etc.)

NINETEEN: junk mail (physical and/or digital).

TWENTY: subscriptions you no longer need or use. 

That is 20 things you can start decluttering today! If you enjoyed this article, head over to my minimalism page to further your journey to a more simplified life.

You can also find me on instagram for more on intentional living, veganism and wellness. 

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