My Favorite Minimalists That Are Worth the Follow.

It’s time to roll out the red carpet again for the people that have inspired me for these past few months. 

The category I want to focus on is minimalism. Below is a list of five minimalist influencers I think are worth a follow: 

Aaliyah Alexander | @aaliyahinspired

Okay, this is a shameless plug. If you’re not already following me on instagram or subscribed to my channel feel free to do that now!

Ronald L. Banks | @imronbanks

Infusing his talent of poetry and storytelling, Ronald L. Banks is someone who will take your hand and guide you down a road of intentional living. 

As a multidisciplinary creator, Banks describes himself as being a “traditional guy who broke free from traditional thinking” and he serves as the perfect mentor for anyone looking for guidance on their journey of minimalism. 

Loui | @adventure_time_loui 

I personally fell in love with Adventure Time Loui because of her free spirit and vibrant personality. 

Sharing her journey as a van-lifer and digital nomad, Adventure Time Loui also embodies a simple way of living as she travels around the world in her 32-square-foot vintage van with her adorable companion Prince William. 

Gabe Bult | gabe.bult

Providing tips on time management, financial burdens, decluttering and more, Gabe Bult is the go-to when you need practical steps with a dose of comedy. 

If you’re on your journey to living with less, I suggest watching this amusing video on Bult’s channel to get you started with his creative work. 

Lefie | @Lefie on youtube

I discovered Lefie’s youtube channel through her response to minimalist and filmmaker Matt D’Avella’s video titled “I wore the same shirt everyday for 3 years”. 

After watching Lefie’s response video, “I wore the same shirt everyday for 3 years. (and I’m a woman!)” I was hooked. 

Not only is she breaking gender stereotypes and expectations when it comes to women and minimalism, she also serves as living proof that minimalism for women can be done.

note: unfortunately I could not find Lefie’s instagram so show her some love on her youtube channel

That is all I have for the minimalists you need to follow, I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do!

For more on minimalism, visit my minimalism page or follow me on instagram.

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