What I Love About Simple Living.

The meaning of life I think is to live fully. Not plastic pleasure, not tinseltown pleasure — to live and enjoy simply life”

Lindsay Murray

Last week I watched this video that struck a chord in me. It was a video on simple living and revolved around a New Zealand man named Lindsay Murray. 

I watched the video about five times because not only was it a beautiful story on someone who cultivated a meaningful life full of simplicity and intentionality, it also reminded me of the reasons why I started my personal journey to simplify and pursue a meaningful life. 

The reasons that were revived are as follows:

  1. I get to appreciate the small pleasures in life without distraction.
  2. I no longer have to force myself to strive for what society says is a “successful” life. 
  3. I can value experiences over the accumulation of more material possessions. 
  4. I can rid myself of the excess and focus on my passions. 
  5. I have the choice to cultivate a life of meaning and purpose through being intentional.

I encourage you to watch the video because I’m sure you’ll find value in hearing Murray’s story. I also watched a few other videos on the same Youtube channel that all involve aspects of intentional living that I think are worth watching. 

What matters in life.

Living the Balance.

For more on intentional and simple living, visit my Minimalism page.

2 thoughts on “What I Love About Simple Living.”

    1. It was actually recommended on my youtube home page! After watching that video, I binged watched other projects the channel did and now I’m obsessed. That’s so cool that you discovered it on reddit. I hope the video inspires people to look into intentional living 🙂


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