Monthly Obsessions: September.

I never thought I’d make it to the end of September, but here we are… we did it! 

I was extremely excited to enter into this month because it brings me closer to my favorite season — Fall. Although I don’t feel it in the air quite yet, I know autumn is about to make her debut. 

Besides patiently waiting for the temperature to change to sweater weather, I made a list of the things that made this month special and I listed them below to share the good vibes with you guys. 

Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookies

I remember when I first tried these a few months ago. They were gone about 2 minutes after opening the bag. I finally found them again recently at my local Trader Joe’s. I usually pair this with a cup of vegan hot cocoa after a long day.


I recently started to get back into hiking with a friend of mine. Our goal is to go on one every weekend. We’re three weeks into that commitment and I’ve noticed drastic changes in my mood and overall wellbeing since doing so. It’s something about being out in nature after a long week of virtual reality that makes me feel so good. 

Milkshakes Monday’s 

To give me something to look forward to on my Monday’s, I started doing “Milkshake Monday’s”. I used to wait until the weekend to treat myself, but then I asked myself, why wait until the weekend to experience pure joy in a jar?

All I use is dairy-free vanilla ice cream, almond milk, coconut whipped cream and whatever topping I’m feeling that night. Recently it has been between Oreos and strawberries. 

Seaweed chips 

Okay… let me explain. I was totally opposed to this snack when my little cousin introduced me to them, but after tasting a few, it grew on me. I buy about 3 to 4 packs on my trips to Trader Joe’s. They’re not as bad as they sound and I highly recommend you try them!

MisterWives – SUPERBLOOM

The last thing that gave me life this month was MisterWives. MisterWives is one of my favorite bands who came out with a new album titled SUPERBLOOM sometime in July. This album is pure greatness from top to bottom, but if I had to pick a favorite song, it would be the song titled “decide to be happy”. A close second to “decide to be happy” is a song titled “rock bottom”.

And that’s all folks! Goodbye September and hello October.

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