17 Things I No Longer Buy as a Minimalist.

One thing minimalism frees you of is the obligation to buy certain things society says that you need but really don’t. 

When I began my journey a few years ago, I took notice of the things I bought on autopilot. After evaluating these purchases, I realized I could have less of a particular item or, better yet, live without it. 

I did a blog post exactly like this last year a few months after starting my minimalism journey, and by the looks of it, my list has grown. 

To put it all in perspective, I listed 17 things I no longer buy as a minimalist. 


I used to be a perfume addict. Every time Bath and Body Works or Victoria Secrets had a sale on body spray, I left the store with a bag full of perfume.

In all honesty, most of the perfume went to waste because they inevitably got shoved to the back of my cabinet and were forgotten about. 

Conventional Bras 

To my ladies, let’s be honest. How many bras do we really need? Before going minimal, I had every color under the sun. Did I wear them all? Nope. I just liked the feeling of having my own aesthetically pleasing drawer of bras like the one we see at Victoria Secrets.

Realistically, we only need at most three — black, nude, and a color of choice because bras can be worn a few times before it’s time for a wash.

*This doesn’t include sports bras because the amount can vary from person to person depending on exercising habits. 


Every year I just had to have a new bag to signify the transition into a new year. Don’t ask me why, but I picked up the habit from my mom. 

A new school year meant a new bag. Needless to say, the habit ceases to exist now. 

Seasonal Decor 

I used to be that person to buy decor according to which season it was. After going minimal, I chose a somewhat neutral color scheme and personal theme that fits the changing of seasons. 

New tech 

I’ve never been that person that felt the need to purchase the latest technology when something new came out. If nothing was wrong with what I had, I was good. I’ve been rocking the Iphone 8 for four years now and I refuse to upgrade until my phone literally dies.

The same thing is applied to new and upcoming gadgets, if I went this long without needing a particular gadget (i.e. smart watch), then I can live without it. 

Phone cases

I used to have a drawer full of phone cases, but buying them lost its appeal once I went minimal.


I used to love buying that cheap jewelry you find at stores like Forever 21, but I realized it was a waste of money because they’re cheaply made and eventually need to be thrown out within one month of consistently wearing them (no offense Forever!).  


My makeup bag has been reduced significantly since going minimal. I buy the basics and they last me for quite a while. 

Single-use outfits

You know… the outfit you buy just for one night out or event? Yeah, I don’t do that anymore.

New books 

I’m a book lover to the core, but 85% of the books I purchase I only read once. So instead I try to see if my local library has the book. If that doesn’t work out, I try to find a used copy. Buying new is my absolute last resort. 

Nail polish

I used to have a whole bin full of nail polish. You name the color, I had it. 

In reality, I only gravitate toward one color every time, so that’s all I buy now. Nothing more, nothing less. 


If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a cute mug, but I’m at a place where I have more than enough to satisfy me. 

Shaving cream

This is a recent one I started doing. After reading tons of Pinterest pins on how effective shampoo or conditioner works for shaving, I decided to give it a try and I haven’t looked back since. Sometimes if I have coconut oil sitting around, I’ll use that as a replacement. 

Candles/air fresheners

I still love candles, but with an oil diffuser at hand, I found it unnecessary to have both. So instead of purchasing a cute new candle every time I see one at Target, I opt out for essential oils when I run out. 

Makeup wipes

I don’t know about you, but water and a face towel works just fine for me. If I’m in the mood for something softer than a towel, I use my reusable cotton pads. 

Trendy clothing 

You probably won’t find me browsing at a H&M for the rest of my lifetime. I haven’t shopped for new clothes in a mall for a long time now. I opt for thrift store items or I mosey-on over to a clothing site that is ethical and sustainable. 


Of course when something wears out and needs replacing, I will purchase new shoes, but I haven’t had to do that in a while. 

This also goes for single-use shoes… you know, the uncomfortable heels we buy for one night out? Yeah, that’s a no-no.

Obviously as I progress in my journey, my list of things I no longer purchase grows. I look forward to updating you all as I make new discoveries in this area. For more on minimalism visit my minimalism page or follow me on instagram.

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