My Favorite Vegan Influencers You Need to Follow.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting inspiration from instagram. My favorite accounts to follow are often those of vegan influencers.

I often look to my favorite vegan personalities for new recipes, restaurant suggestions, fitness tips, products to try out and more.  

Since they bring so much value to my life, I wanted to share these accounts with you! So, here are my top six favorite vegan influencers you should follow: 

Haile Thomas | @hailethomas

Author of “Living Lively”, motivational speaker, and CEO of nonprofit HAPPY, Halie has a diverse feed where she shares mouth-watering vegan meals, recipes, wellness tips, and uplifting messages. 

Desirée Daniels | @Icanyoucanvegan

Every time I see a new post Desirée Daniels, I instantly feel the urge to try something new in the kitchen. From vegan chocolate chip cookies to “Cauli” wings, Desirée offers a wide range of delicious vegan recipes. 

Babette Davis | @Chefbabette

I remember when I first discovered Babette. It was from a youtube video I randomly came across a few years ago. It was showing this insanely fit vegan queen taking us through her day. 

To be honest it was just another video to me, until she mentioned she was SIXTY-SIX YEARS OLD!

From that day forward I was obsessed with Chef B. She doesn’t showcase many recipes on her insta, however she does give us a behind the scenes to her amazing life. I’m always inspired whenever I see her cooking up something fresh in her restaurant or see one of her hardcore workout videos

Malinda Simpson | @Kindred.vegan.souls

Celebrating her 3rd vegan anniversary recently, Malinda Simpson is a Dallas, Texas based vegan influencer who shares food recipes, local food finds, and vegan beauty brands. 

Accompanied with her aesthetically pleasing food and beauty photos, Malinda sprinkles in humorous posts which always puts a smile on my face.  

Berto Calkins | @whatsgoodberto

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Berto Calkins is a fitness professional, nutritionist, and youtuber at “What’s Good, Berto?”. He’s the account I show when I’m trying my best to convince my brothers to go vegan. 

Berto shares tips on everything from food recipes, social justice, health, and fitness

Koya Webb | @Koyawebb

Last but not least is Koya Webb. She’s a yoga teacher, holistic health coach, and author who’s perfect to follow to get your daily dose of inspiration. From yoga videos to positive quotes, Koya Webb will leave you feeling centered and ready to tackle the day ahead. 

I can go on and on about my favorite vegan influencers, but I’ll stop it at six. Now what are you waiting for? Go give these amazing accounts a follow!

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