Questions to Ask Before Going Vegan.

Making any lifestyle change is difficult at first, especially one that you grew up with. Going vegan is one of those lifestyle changes that is hard to make because a lot of us were taught that a balanced diet had to include animal products for it to be effective and changing something that is ingrained in our way of living takes commitment and willpower. 

But it can be done

Before going full-fledged vegan, it’s helpful to evaluate your current lifestyle and ease into a new way of living. Asking yourself a few questions can give you a foundation that can help prepare you to build new habits. 

So, grab a pen and paper and answer these questions: 

  1. What is my why? (i.e. animal rights, dietary reasons, environmental reasons…)
  2. How do I want to honor my why? (i.e does my why require eating whole, organic foods or can I indulge in processed vegan foods…)
  3. What’s my approach? (i.e. Cold turkey — no pun intended, or gradual?)
  4. How often do I cook now? How often do I eat out? 
  5. Am I willing to cook more than usual or is eating out a must?
  6. Do I have vegan restaurants/fast food vegan options near me? Is that important? 
  7. What vegan alternatives does my local store carry?
  8. Is my focus just on the dietary aspect of veganism or on all other aspects such as cruelty-free skincare products, clothing, etc.?
  9. What are the potential barriers I can encounter? (i.e. am I in a household where my family are going to continue to eat meat and animal products… how can I set boundaries… )
  10. What is one step I can take today, in this very moment, to begin my vegan journey? 

After asking yourself these questions, you’ll have a better understanding of your why, your action plan, and potential barriers. That being said, I think you’re ready to make strides toward this new lifestyle!

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