I Tried Ben & Jerry’s New Vegan Ice-cream So You Don’t Have To.

Ben & Jerry’s New ‘”Milk’ & Cookies” ice-cream.

Ben & Jerry’s have a long history of serving unforgettable ice-cream since 1978. What started out as a small business in Burlington, Vermont became one of America’s most beloved ice-cream brands.  

Not only do Ben & Jerry’s serve the traditionally made ice-cream known to many, they also make non-dairy ice-cream. Giving us the best of both worlds, Ben & Jerry’s offer a wide selection of quirky flavors in both categories such as “Cherry Garcia”, “Netflix & Chill’d”, “Cinnamon Buns”, “Berry Sweet Mascarpone”, and many more. 

New flavors featured on benjerry.com

I’ve been rocking with Ben & Jerry’s since going vegan six years ago. I have a Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream pint in my fridge at all times, no excuses. As a die-hard fan, I get extremely excited whenever they add new flavors to their non-dairy line so you can imagine my reaction whenever B & J’s  announced three new flavors coming to stores. Not only are these new flavors … well new… they are made with a new ingredient never before seen at Ben & Jerry’s — sunflower butter. I don’t know about you, but that SCREAMS summer vibes to me. The new flavors include “Milk’ & Cookies”, “Créme Brûlée Cookie”, and “Mint Chocolate Cookie”. 

Unfortunately my local grocery store did not carry all three new flavors, so I picked up the only new flavor my store was carrying at the time — “Milk’ & Cookies”. 

Ben & Jerry’s announced on May 22 their new vegan flavors.

The packaging enticed me right off the bat. For someone who loves instagramming their new vegan treats, this was a plus. After admiring the beautiful packaging and taking a few pics, I dived into the non-dairy treat. 

My first thought was that the flavor reminded me of Ben & Jerry’s “PB & Cookies” ice-cream flavor minus the peanut butter. At first all I could taste were the big chunks of cookies, but after a few more bites, I began to get a taste of the cookie crumbles and chocolate chips. I didn’t receive a whole lot of vanilla flavoring that I was expecting from the “milk” component, but the chocolatey cookie crumbles made up for it. I personally didn’t taste any difference with the sunflower butter; it failed to stand apart from all the other B & J’s  flavors in that aspect. 

Overall, I would add this to my top favorites from Ben & Jerry’s. It didn’t live up to the hype I had conjured up in my head, but it did its job by satisfying my sweet tooth. I would recommend this to the vegan fanatics who’re looking for a subtle knock off of the traditional cookies & cream ice-cream we had while growing up.

Ben & Jerry’s does a great job keeping their fans on their toes. I love seeing the new unique names and flavors they can come up with for their non-dairy selection. If your store doesn’t carry the new flavors, but you want to give B & J’s vegan ice-cream a try, some of my other favorites include “PB & Cookies”, “Chocolate Fudge Brownie”, and “Coffee Caramel Fudge”. 

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