5 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Purchase.

We all know the feeling of buying something new — we see an item that we want and impulsively purchase it without a second thought and it feels really good… until the excitement fades and we’re left with something that takes up space in the back of our closets. 

Being a self-proclaimed minimalist, I still struggle with wanting to buy new flashy items from the store, but I’ve figured out a way for me to pause and think about whether an item is a good idea to purchase or not. I ask myself five basic questions that determine the fate of the desired item. 

  1. Is this item a need or a want? If it’s a need, can I borrow or use an alternative I already have? If it’s a want, am I willing to give one thing away in order to make space for the new item? 
  2. Will this item add value to my life or just add to pre-existing clutter? 
  3. Can I wait 30 days before purchasing this item?
  4. Why do I actually desire this item? Is it because it’s trendy? Am i just bored? 
  5. How often will I use this item? Is there a way to rent or just have access to the item without needing to own it?  

Taking a few minutes to run through these questions saved me a lot of time and money. If I impulsively purchased things I wanted every time I went in a store or scrolled on amazon, I would have things that don’t really add any value to my life. 

Next time you decide to make a purchase, ask yourself these five questions and see if the item is worth making space for in your life.

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