Minimalist Self-Care Habits.

When it comes to minimalism, simplicity and intentionality in all areas of life is the goal. When cleaning, eating, or deciding which hobbies to engage in, the idea is to make the experience meaningful and free of stress. 

Self-care is an area that I’ve had trouble keeping up with. Lighting candles and setting up a bubble bath topped with beautiful bath bombs and face masks is a task I dread sometimes. Although the experience is relaxing, I feel that I’m doing those things because the media says that is what self-care looks like, but over the past few months I’ve reshaped what self-care means to me. 

The four main areas I strive to care for in my self-care routine are heart, mind, body, and soul. If I do a task that satisfies those areas, then my self-care routine is approved in my book. I aim to make the habits simple and enjoyable. Below I’ve shared some ways I cater to myself during my “me time”. 


Yoga is something I find both relaxing and meditative. Not only are you caring for your body, you’re renewing your mind. Yoga takes focus and patience and can be enjoyed while outside or in the comfort of your own home. 

Cooking a slow breakfast

This may seem mediocre, but I’m the person to pour a bowl of cereal and call it a day. Cooking a slow breakfast with no distractions gives you the time to think while cooking a delicious and healthy breakfast. Don’t underestimate the power of a good vegan omelette. 

Spending time in nature

Even if it’s just sitting in my backyard or taking my dog out for a walk, getting some love from the sun is the perfect way for me to feel refreshed. The outdoors are meant to be therapeutic, giving us a way to connect to Mother Earth, so why not incorporate that in a self-care routine?

Watching television or a movie

Now I may get some heat from some minimalists out there, but watching a healthy amount of my favorite television show or putting on one of my favorite movies lifts my mood. During my self-care, I do indulge a little more than usual in entertainment, but I do have boundaries. 

Engage in a hobby 

This varies, but incorporating something I enjoy doing such as writing, listening to music, or reading is a must. It gets me excited and relaxes me enough to enjoy my own company. 

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