The Different Types of Minimalists.

The minimalism world is vast —  containing a lot of different perspectives and insights from a variety of different experiences. Although the central meaning of minimalism — to live a more meaningful life —- remains the central purpose of the philosophy, there are many different reasons individuals decide to go minimal. 

Throughout my journey, I’ve noticed the different types of minimalists there are in this niche. Knowing the different types has helped me feel more grounded in this lifestyle and has helped me to stay motivated with living simply. If you’re looking to find where you fit in with minimalism, here’s five different types of minimalists I’ve taken note of.


The Eco-minimalist practices minimalism for environmental reasons. They reduce the need to purchase wasteful items and instead focus on buying sustainable items that will last longer. Although you won’t see much simplicity when it comes to plants in the home, you will see significantly less waste. 

An influencer I think embodies this term is shelbizleee on youtube — check out her video here

Frugal Minimalist

The frugal minimalist practices minimalism for financial reasons. They may not have willingly  chosen to simplify their life, but due to other circumstances they have to be intentional with what they spend money on. I see many college students adopt this lifestyle. 

A college youtuber I thought about for this category is the channel College Van life.

Extreme Minimalist

The extreme minimalist lives with only the bare necessities that it requires to meet their basic needs.  They don’t live with any distractions and don’t bother succumbing to what society says is required to live a comfortable life such as a big home filled with furniture and home decor. You can often find these minimalists living in tiny homes or vans. 

A youtuber I enjoy watching to learn more about this type is Youheum Son on her channel Heal Your LIving. 

Mindful Minimalist

The mindful minimalist may not appear as a minimalist at first glance, but they’re extremely intentional with what they bring into their lives. They may not be a minimalist in every nook and cranny of their life — such as a minimalist who loves their book collection — but they definitely avoid excess stuff. 

A minimalist that I thought about for this type was Joshua Becker. He’s the author of one of my favorite books The More of Less. Check out his youtube channel here or his blog at 

Backpack Minimalist 

The backpack minimalist practices minimalism for travel reasons most of the time. They pared down their possessions just enough to fit them into a backpack. Although I don’t see this very often, it is a type of minimalism I wouldn’t mind trying one day. 

A minimalist that embodies this type is Colin Wright. You can find his blog here.

To learn more about minimalism, check out this archive containing my articles on the subject. Feel free to contact me using the form below or leaving a comment!

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