No Buy Year (update)

At the start of the new year, I was inspired by The Personal Philosophy Project to do a “No Buy Year”. I felt that this challenge would be perfect to keep me on my toes during my minimalism journey since inspiration was beginning to get a little stale for me. 

(If you’re new to this whole concept, check out my “No Buy Year” blog post here).

It’s been four months since I began this challenge and I must say it is tough. Although I haven’t caved in and purchased non-essential items, I’ve struggled with wanting to clear out my wardrobe and start anew with new clothes, I’ve had urges to purchase new books, and I’ve had to hold myself back from buying “essentials” I thought I needed but really didn’t. 

I’m excited to see where my mind will be in the next few months with this challenge. During this time, I’ve been diving deep into researching what brands and companies I will like to begin supporting after my challenge is over. I’m not saying that I will go crazy and revert back to being a shopaholic and dismiss my minimalistic values, but when the time comes where I feel the need to make a new purchase, I now have a list of ethical and sustainable businesses I would like to support.

If this challenge peaks your interest, it’s never too late to start! I suggest checking out The Personal Philosophy Project’s video pertaining to this topic and structuring the challenge to fit you.

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