My Recent Zero Waste Swaps.

Items from Sonora Refillery in Oceanside, CA.

It’s been a year since I’ve decided to begin living a life with less waste. This lifestyle requires a lot of learning, patience, and practice which means going zero waste doesn’t happen overnight. 

Throughout my journey, I’ve made small changes along the way and I’ve begun leaning more into purchasing alternative low waste items whenever my unsustainable items either run out or are in need of an upgrade. 

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity of visiting a local zero waste shop and I want to share the items that I’ve purchased, the purpose they serve, and what they replace. 

Bamboo toothbrush holder

Purpose: I purchased this because I travel home frequently from college, so this is perfect for holding my toothbrush while traveling. 

Replaces: I initially had a cheap, plastic toothbrush holder that eventually got mold in it. 

Bamboo toothbrush

Purpose: I was due for a new toothbrush and decided to invest in a more sustainable option. 

Replaces: plastic toothbrush.

Scented bar soap

Purpose: Bar soap reduces the waste that comes with purchasing new soap bottles whenever I run out.  This soap bar is also vegan which means it has all natural ingredients and there was no animal testing behind the scenes.

Replaces: plastic liquid soap bottles.

Note: if you are looking for an alternative for plastic and disposable liquid soap and you’re not a fan of bar soap, try purchasing a glass dispenser soap bottle and refill it at a local refillery.

Soap bag

Purpose: For traveling purposes, this reduces the need to buy plastic soap holders.

Replaces: travel plastic soap containers. 

Loofah soap cushion

Purpose: To increase the lifespan of bar soap by having a place for it to properly dry. I invested in an all natural soap and I was advised to purchase this place holder for it to properly dry. This placer also serves as a loofah sponge I can bathe with or a tub scrubber. 

Toothpaste tablets

Purpose: To eliminate the amount of wasteful plastic tubes that toothpaste is stored in. 

Replaces: Plastic toothpaste tubes. 

If you want to continue following my zero waste journey, you can find me on instagram @aaliyah_danyell or subscribe to my youtube channel @simplee inspired.

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