Youtube Channels That Promote Intentional Living.

Being intentional is one of the most important things when it comes to living a simple and minimal lifestyle. Living intentionally in all areas of your life serves your well-being in ways that are hard to come by. 

Some of my favorite youtubers promote intentional living and I want to share those channels with you!

girl in calico

With aesthetic music and visuals, girl in calico is an amazing channel to get you in the mood to dive deep in nature and enjoy slow living. 

Girl and The Word 

Sharing her faith through her breathtakingly beautiful videos, Girl and The Word never fails to serve calming and inspirational content. 

simply by christine

Promoting sustainability while offering insight to her simple way of living, simply by christine is a beautiful channel that you won’t regret diving into. 

Susi Cruz

It doesn’t get more simpler than living in a van. Sharing her adventurous trips around the world while showing off her cute puppy, Susi Cruz makes beautiful videos that showcase her beautiful home in her home on wheels. 

3 thoughts on “Youtube Channels That Promote Intentional Living.”

    1. Hey Dr. Tanya! Intentional living does incorporate mindfulness aspects, but more specifically intentional living aims to align our actions with a purpose. This, in a way, ties in with minimalism because minimalism aims to own things that serve a purpose while intentional living aims to have our actions serve a purpose. I hope that answer cleared it up!


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