How Veganism, Minimalism & Zero Waste Made Me a Better Person.

Picture shot at Trilogy Sanctuary located in La Jolla, CA moments before Ariel yoga class.

My six year anniversary of being vegan is approaching and I’ve noticed how much my lifestyle and values have evolved since making this change at 14 years old. 

I initially went vegan for animal rights, but six years later my why has evolved. Not only am I vegan for the animals, I am vegan for the environment and sustainability purposes. I began incorporating low waste and minimalism practices into my life in order to reduce the negative impact fast fashion, plastic, and waste have on the environment and other countries’ livelihoods. I find that veganism, minimalism, and zero waste interconnect and overlap in the life I’m striving to lead. I want to take a moment and list the ways veganism changed my life and highlight its influence with my practices of minimalism and zero waste.

Veganism has:

  • Made me aware of the ingredients in foods that I eat. 
  • Made me aware of the agricultural system’s role in greenhouse gases.
  • Made me aware of animal welfare and rights. 
  • Made me more compassionate toward animals and humans.
  • Made me more in tune with my body (veganism advocates for well-being). 

Minimalism has:

  • Shifted my perspective on owning fewer possessions. 
  • Changed the way I view shopping. 
  • Made me aware of the fast fashion industry and its practices. 
  • Made me value “The American Dream” a lot less. 
  • Made me see the rewards in upcycling and thrifting for a more sustainable economy.
  • Saved me lots of money and time. 
  • Made me more intentional in all areas of my life. 

Zero Waste has

  • Made me aware of how many things are packaged in plastic and how harmful that is to the environment.
  • Opened me up to a new lifestyle that involves embracing the “inconveniences” in turn for a healthier environment. 
  • Made me find more natural alternatives when it comes to everyday essentials and products. 
  • Made me slow down and observe what companies contribute to mass waste. 
  • Made me support more local and small businesses who value sustainable business practices. 

In the end, veganism, minimalism and zero waste advocate for a more ethical life — reducing cruelty, waste, and our negative and passive impact on the world. 

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