What No One Told Me About Veganism.

2014 is where it all started. I was in my bedroom scrolling through youtube’s recommended videos at midnight and a video titled, “The Best Speech Ever” by Gary Yourosky caught my attention. 

The morning after watching the best speech ever I eliminated meat from my diet.  

Five years later I am still a vegan and I have learned things that the videos and articles I’ve researched failed to mention. So, I’ve compiled a list of the things no one told me before going vegan. 

There’s a spectrum

Most vegans that I’ve watched on youtube were on the “healthy” side of the vegan spectrum… but I didn’t even know that the spectrum existed. Just like an omnivore diet, there is healthy eaters, unhealthy eaters, or the ones in between. With veganism, it’s the same thing. Some vegans may consume more processed plant-based foods rather than organic whole foods and vice versa. 

There are different types

Within the vegan community, there’s raw food vegans, whole-food vegans, low-fat raw food vegans, and junk food vegans.There may be more, but that’s all I’ve been introduced to in the last five years. 

Some people hate don’t understand vegans

I honestly thought veganism was popular and accepted by the majority, but I was wrong. Some people can’t possibly see why someone would stop eating meat and animal by-products. 

Many people laughed in my face when I tried explaining the values and beliefs behind veganism. Animal rights? Ha. Global warming? Haha. Overtime it’s gotten better, but people still have their own perceptions and opinions on veganism. 

It’s hard to dine out

In most states, vegan options at restaurants are hard to come by therefore making the process a lot harder especially for beginners. 

Overtime it doesn’t get easier, but you do get used to it. 

There’s secret ingredients in mundane things

No meat, dairy, or animal by-products? Okay got it… but wait there’s milk in pasta noodles?! 

Before going vegan, no one told me that there could possibly be milk (and/or egg) ingredients in a lot of things that look and sound vegan. For example, certain dipping sauces, chips, or even bread aren’t vegan friendly.

Double checking ingredients becomes a habit over time and you get used to the brands that are and aren’t vegan; but, it would’ve been nice to be forewarned. 

If you’re reading this as a vegan yourself or a prospective vegan, then let me know your thoughts about the five things no one told me before I went vegan.

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