Take Back Your Time in 2020 with Digital Minimalism.

Technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives, but it seems that this phenomenon is controlling our lives more than it is enhancing them. People spend precious hours in front of a television or scrolling through highlight reels on social sites. So… how can we give less of our attention to our devices and reclaim our time in 2020? 

Delete social media apps from your phone 

Removing the temptation of social media apps from your phone is easier said than done, but “dumbing” down your smart phone starts to create substantial habits over time. No longer having nonessential apps helps reduce the urge to pick up your phone every five seconds.

Go on a 30 day detox 

Author of Digital Minimalism Cal Newport suggests going on a 30 day detox in order to establish new habits to replace the time you used on social media and technology. The goal of this is to have new habits in place to combat the urge to revert back to your old patterns.

Set aside specific times and set boundaries

Technology isn’t evil, but if used recklessly it can be damaging. One way to limit your screen time is to set aside time to check your socials, emails, ect. with clear boundaries. For example, you can only watch 30 minutes of television on Fridays or you’re allowed to check socials only on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 15 minutes. 

Delete accounts that no longer serve a purpose

At the beginning of 2019, I permanently deleted my Snapchat and Facebook accounts because I felt that Instagram embodied both Facebook and Snapchat. Find which socials accounts you can live without and delete them for good

Redefine your purpose

What is your purpose for using certain devices? What about social media platforms? Instead of using television as a way to procrastinate and pass time, use it to get educated with documentaries. Instead of using Instagram to mindlessly scroll for hours upon end, use it to stay connected to distant family and friends (which means you no longer have to check it every second of the day… once a week will due). 

Returning back to a life where technology was a complement to our lives instead of a supplement to eradicate moments of solidarity and boredom is a notion that can be achieved with careful rewiring of habits. For more information on this topic, I’ve linked videos below to help you on this journey of reclaiming your time.  

Rich Roll’s interview with Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism

Deleting my social media accounts

4 Rules to Digital Minimalism- Matt D’Avella

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