Living Big in a Small Space.

One thing I am truly thankful for is being introduced to minimalism before I went off to college. College dorms aren’t the biggest and spacious, so having a minimalist lifestyle helped me make better use of the space I was given. It can be extremely easy for a tiny dorm or small space to get cluttered with stuff collected throughout the year, so to avoid getting myself into a messy situation (no pun intended) I took different approaches that I’ve listed down below!

Have a place for everything 

Having a place for all of your items will help keep your room tidy more often than placing your items in random places all the time. Do your future self a favor and store items where they belong the first go ‘round, so you can save yourself the hassle of cleaning in the future.

Get only what you need at the moment

One thing that has helped me tremendously is to only buy things I needed at the moment. If I can replenish an item such as shampoo in less than 15 minutes then I avoid buying that item in “bulk”. Buying items as they run out keeps me from having to find places to store the extra products that I probably won’t even get to. 


I am a huge advocate in sharing and borrowing items. Me and my friend do this all the time with cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and grooming products. In doing this, we are utilizing each other for items we both need while avoiding the need to find more space for the extra items.

Avoid the Decor 

Okay, so this can be tricky. I absolutely love decor and believe it helps make your space feel like a home, but less really is more in this scenario. I recommend picking only your favorite, most cherished items to showcase in your space. Not only will your room feel like home with your cherished items, it will give your favorite items a chance to shine.

If these tips were useful, let me know down below. I would love to hear from you! 

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