How to Hygge this Fall.

It’s Hygge season baby! If this is your first time hearing this danish term, have you been living under a rock?

Hygge (hyoo · guh)  is a term that the Danes use to describe a specific feeling of constant coziness, peace, and comfort. You know that feeling you get when you’re cuddled up in a soft, plush blanket while sipping a cup of hot coffee or tea in a warm lit room with a cinnamon scented candle filling the space while you’re watching a Lifetime original movie? Yes, that is hygge. 

After reading Hygge: the Danish Art of Happiness by Marie Tourell Soderberg and The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking last winter, I was obsessed with this lifestyle. I say lifestyle because hygge is not just felt in a particular part of your week or during particular seasons, it’s an everyday practice. But since it is the fall season, I will focus this post toward all things hygge in the fall.

So how can YOU hygge this fall? 

Invite friends and get cozy with a movie or board game

Creating new experiences with loved ones can create a hygge atmosphere. Search up a movie or bring out a board game that everyone can participate in. To make this even more fun, cook a homemade meal or treat (you can even encourage your friends and family to help with the process); this will get everyone in a state of high spirits and coziness… oh, and don’t forget the blankets!

Bring in a new candle

In every book, article, and video I’ve encountered related to hygge, it always emphasizes the importance of candles. It is said that Danes burn up to 13 pounds of candles per year, so candles are obviously very, very important. If you’re in a situation like me and can’t burn candles (because living in college dorms suck), I found that oil diffusers are a great alternative.

Warm Lighting

Lights are crucial to a hygge space. We all know the difference between bright LED/ overhead lights and warm candlelit lights in a space. What do the Danes suggest to fix this problem you may ask? Get warm lit lamps and burn those candles! If you’re in a situation like me and can’t have candles burning, then I suggest getting flameless candles that are battery operated (IT GETS THE JOB DONE). 

Get a hot beverage, a good book, & blanket

One of my favorite things to do to conjure up all the hygge vibes is to have my fall playlist playing or an already made hygge playlist on shuffle while cuddled up in a fuzzy blanket sipping on a cup of mocha coffee with a book in hand.

Here’s my favorite hygge playlist:

The gentle things in life: big sweaters, books, candles, and cups of tea. -unknown

Ditch the uncomfortable clothes

No matter how much you love jeans, we all know the feeling of changing into a nice pair of sweats… it’s unbeatable, so let’s amp that up 10x more this fall. This is the time for comfy, oversized sweaters, uggs, and sweats people!


YES, this is very crucial to the hygge experience. Turn off the glowing screens and live in the moment, create new experiences, and just be.

My favorite part of each day is the first few hours of every morning when I don’t dare touch my phone until I’ve taken time for myself and the last few hours of the day when I take a warm shower and meet up with some friends to watch a movie to close out the night. 

There are plenty of more ways to get into the hygge spirit, but those were my top favorites. If you would like to know more about hygge and the history behind the Danish term, then I will link below articles and books that I’ve personally found helpful for me to educate myself on this lifestyle. That being said, HAPPY HYGGELIG!

How to Hygge:

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking:

What is Hygge:

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