The Reason I Went Vegan.

Every story is different behind why a person decided to make a lifestyle change and go vegan. It usually ranges from health to animal cruelty to environmental issues and so on. After being vegan for four years now, I still get the question on why I personally decided to make the switch. Although my answer has evolved to include environmental and health issues, my primary reason for going vegan was for my beliefs centering around animal cruelty.

I initially started my journey being vegetarian; only partaking in animal by-products and eliminating all types of meat from my diet. A vegan activist by the name of Gary Yourosky had a video surface titled “The Best Speech Ever” that aided in this pivotal point in my life. As I continued to educate myself through youtube videos, documentaries, and books; I eventually made the upgrade to veganism. Veganism is much like vegetarianism except you eliminate animal by-products as well as continuing to not eat meat. 

As mentioned, discovering the cruelty and inhumane practices done unto animals made me sick to my stomach. I no longer viewed meat as a food. I’ve never been taught in school that there was an alternative to being an omnivore; that there was a healthier and better alternative to consuming meat and dairy products. 

Four years later, I am passionate now more than ever about veganism. With the environmental crisis arising alongside the deterioration of health, this lifestyle needs more attention. I’m aware that this lifestyle isn’t the answer to all the world’s problems, but it is an effective stepping stone to curing some of them.

If you’re interested in this movement,I highly recommend starting with Gary Yourosky’s video and then moving to documentaries such as Conspiracy and What The Health; which can be found on Netflix.

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