What Belize Taught Me About Simple Living.

It was 6 a.m. and I was sitting on a rustic, white boat riding the waves to Belize. The ocean spritz gently soothing my warm face as I gazed at the endless scenery of deep, blue waves. I couldn’t help but live in this beautiful moment; completely free of the noise and digital distractions.  

Thirty minutes later, the boat slowed to a doc crowded with other tourists eager to set foot on the breathtaking island of Belize. After a few shoves and squeezing, I made my way to my assigned bus that would take me through the town. 

I climbed the steps of the bus and made my way to the first available window seat. Our tour guide by the name of “Big Bruce” was the last to board and immediately began to educate us about his homeland we’ve been blessed to tour. 

As we neared what Big Bruce referred to as “The Hood” of Belize, I couldn’t help but admire the people and homes lining the streets. There were several mini shops, run down stores, school children riding bikes home, and mothers carrying their infant children through the streets with a subtle smile on their faces. It was something very enticing about it all. No one was looking down at their cell phone, there were more bikes than cars, the people along the streets seemed to be having genuine conversations, fancy and trendy clothing was no where in sight. They were just…living. I wish I could have captured this in a video or photo, but I was so captivated by it all that I forgot I even brought my cell phone.

I enjoy a simple life, uncomplicated, unmaterialistic, rich in experience. -unknown

It sounds surreal, but having experienced Belize and its people; my perspective shifted on what’s important. Maybe that’s why many inspiring leaders suggest escaping the constructs of your normal life to travel and experience a new way of living because it definitely changes things. I now strive to attain a heart full of experiences opposed to an ego stuffed with material and social gains.

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