What No One Told Me About Minimalism.

I’ve been a self proclaimed minimalist for a few months now, and there are some things I’ve discovered that the many articles, videos, and books I’ve researched have failed to inform me on. So for all you prospective and upcoming minimalists, I’ve created a list of things no one told me about minimalism. 

The impulse to consume does not end. 

When I first began decluttering and simplifying my life, I thought that the consumerist impulse to purchase items would cease to exist; but boy was I wrong. Does the desire to consume more fade? Yes.  But the instinct to impulsively purchase that $10.00 new gadget off amazon does not. Minimalism does not have an end destination; it is a never-ending practice. 

Minimalism seeps into all areas of your life

When I initially became a minimalist, it was all about decluttering my material possessions. Of course starting with possessions is a good way to dip your little toe into minimalism, but that’s only the beginning. Soon you will have the urge to simplify other areas of your life, such as your priorities, diet, digital space, and more. 

You will have to explain your lifestyle… A LOT

You would think the minimalist movement would be a well-known notion by now, but apparently it’s not. I’ve had to explain to friends and family many times about this lifestyle  (And I’m not complaining! People need to hear this message!!!) and I become more and more passionate each time I have to explain it. Just be ready to preach your testimony!

You will NEVER be the same again

After adopting a minimalist mindset, I’ve never been the same. The process I take to decide what I should and should not welcome into my life is structured and proficient. The way I look at how I spend my time and energy has changed tremendously and I’ve grown so much through that. You will start to question why you hadn’t made the switch sooner because this simple life is so so sweet. 

There are two ways to have enough: One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less. – G.K. Chesterton

With Minimalism, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I hope this post brought value to you and that you’re now fully informed on what to expect when you finally declare yourself a minimalist!

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