5 Cruelty Free Skin Care Brands to Support.

Have you ever taken the time to look at the ingredients in your face wash? What about taking the time to look into the company that manufactured and produced the face wash? More likely than not, your skin care products were tested on live, innocent animals. With the rising number of natural based companies hitting the shelves of stores, switching from a chemically derived skin product to a natural based one is easier than ever. The more support these ethical companies receive the more change we’ll see in cruelty-centered laboratories and stores. If you’re interested in switching up your skin care products, I’ve compiled a list of affordable (and some more pricer than others) vegan products and companies that I believe you would love!

Tea Tree Oil Face Wash $14.00

Tea Tree Oil is personally one of my favorites. Not only does it smell soothing, it also leaves my face feeling refreshed after every wash. Don’t believe me? Go to your local Ulta and try it out!

Acure Organics under $10.00

Acure Organics has high reviews about the results of their products. Really affordable brand to support who build on sustainable principles. (can be found on amazon.com.)

Mad Hippie $20-30

I’ve heard great feedback about this skin care line. I plan on trying out Mad Hippie’s products as soon as I use up my current face wash. This brand is a little bit more pricer than the previous products mentioned, but your skin will be grateful for the investment! (Can be found on amazon.com)

Youth to the People $40

What I love about product reviews is that people become ruthless and are honest with the results. With this product, there is nothing but praise. I personally haven’t tried this line out yet, but if the previous product brands mentioned haven’t resonated with you then this could be the one. (can be found at youthtothepeople.com)

Elf under $15

The last brand worth mentioning is Elf. All of Elf’s products are cruelty free! Yes, that includes their makeup products ladies. Super affordable brand that you can find at your local Walmart, Target, or any other drug store.

Those are just a few skin care lines I recommend to check out if you want to switch over to natural, vegan skin care products. Remember that everyone has a choice to vote with their dollar, so what do you support?

6 thoughts on “5 Cruelty Free Skin Care Brands to Support.”

  1. Almost all my products are from elf since they’re so affordable and their quality is great too! I have also been meaning to try out Mad Hippie as well since I’ve read really good reviews about them.


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